For a refurbished phone under warranty, the warranty set forth above does not protect against:

  • (a) Your actions causing damage to the device that was repaired by the third-party professionals
  • (b) Software issues unrelated to the repair
  • (c) Devices that have been jailbroken or manufacturer restriction removed
  • (d) Any loss of data occurring during the repair process (YOU ARE ADVISED TO BACK UP ALL DATA PRIOR TO ANY REPAIR ATTEMPT).
  • (e) Any issue you knew about and advised the third-party or Digify related to the device distinct from the repair, and noted prior to the repair being made.
  • (f) Water damage

Under no circumstances is the warranty transferable to different devices or to an individual that is not you. The warranty set forth in these Terms is valid only for the specific device repaired and its rightful owner.

While you will notify Digify of any warranty claim, and Digify will thereafter notify the third-party of the need to investigate the warranty claim, liability for performing the warranty repair services will rest solely with the third-party servicemen who performed the repair service. By opting for the services, you are authorizing the third-party servicemen to perform repair work on your cellular phone or tablet device or any other article. You understand that neither Digify nor the third-party servicemen are authorized service providers or ASP of any smartphone or tablet manufacturer, including, but not limited to Apple Inc., also neither Digify nor the third-party servicemen are in any way affiliated with the device manufacturer, including but not limited to Apple Inc. Further, by opting for the services you agree to release, indemnify, and hold Digify harmless from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any gadget device repair work performed on your device unless it is caused by the gross negligence of the third-party servicemen. By opting for the services, you understand that Digify has no liability for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on your gadget. You also understand that you have the option to, and are responsible for backing up your device before allowing the third-party servicemen perform the repair work on your device. By availing the services, you understand that any repairs or technical assistance rendered by the third-party servicemen may void manufacturer warranties for the device repaired, and that Digify will not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties stand abated. Digify and the third-party servicemen have no liability whatsoever for indirect or consequential damages resulting from a repair or repair attempt, including any lost or damaged data, software, or lost profits or revenue of the customer. Digify will be liable to warrant you that from the date the repair services are provided to you within a period of minimum 30 days, so long as you remain the owner (“Warranty Period”), each part and accessory provided to you as a component of the repair performed by the third-party servicemen under these terms will be materially free of manufacturing defects. Digify’s sole obligation, and your sole remedy, under this warranty is limited to, at Digify’s sole discretion, repair or replacement of the defective part or accessory provided as a component of the repair. This warranty under these terms is non-transferable. Please note that Digify’s obligations under the warranty contained in these terms are conditioned on your prompt notification to both the third-party servicemen and Digify of any warranty claim and complying with Digify’ then-current warranty procedures provided to you.


To be noted - some jurisdictions might not allow limitations on the intimated warranty, so the limitations and exclusions in this section may not apply to you. You agree and acknowledge that the limitations and exclusions of liability and warranty provided in these terms of use are completely fair and reasonable. However, your statutory rights that cannot be relinquished, if any, are not affected by these provisions.